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Bolivia part. 1

La Paz and Copacabana travels


Amazon Basin

Iquitos | Pucallpa | Santa Clara After Coca we didn’t know what we were going to experience. Our trip in the Amazon from the Ecuadorean city of Coca to Iquitos and then from Iquitos to Pucallpa (and Santa Clara) has been full of great surprises.  Being in the Amazonas is almost the best way to…


Otavalo | Quito | Latacunga | Quilotoa Loop | Coca | Nuevo Rocafuerte  From the border of Tulcan (3 hours at the Colombian immigration + 1 in Ecuador) everything seemed going as it was meant not to go. It was really difficult to find a taxi at the border, there was a fight between big…

Colombia part 3. 

Medellin | Manizales Third and last post about Colombia. The last part of our trip in Colombia has been more relaxed and we had indeed a more safe feeling about Medellin and Manizales.  Even though Medellin is a huge city where many neighborhoods are still “dangerous” we went walking around a lot and we hadn’t…