Bolivia part. 1

Copacabana | La Paz |

Moving on to Bolivia was an obligation. Not that we didn’t want to go but after two months in Peru it felt like leaving home. The lake Titicaca welcomed us in copacabana with one of the most spectacular sunsets (after a day of rain in Puno).

We got a beer from a bar and chat a bit with Laura and Gabriel, and Argentinian couple from Buenos Aires that we met again and again during our trip. After the beer we got to take some pictures with small alpacas and made the woman owning the alpacas pissed with us because we had no money left in our pockets!

It was pretty difficult then to find a proper cheap hostel as we ended up in a place with terrible WiFi and no gas for cooking (pretty much a nightmare).

The day after we were ready to get off there and move to La Paz. Where we spent almost a week (we really didn’t want to leave and still want to go back!). We spent in total 3 days on the hills of the Moon valley in the beautiful Colibrì camping and and 4 days in the city walking up and down hill.

La Paz is a city full of great people, vibes and cafes If you get lost in the street market you’re not going to get home without some empanadas, alpaca’s yarn and natural remedies!

We spent so much time at the witches market that we became friends with some of the women sitting there!

Very interesting is also the museum of the history of the Coca. The museum is very small but the written guide brings you through all the stages to understand the uses and abuses of coca leaves and plant. The Inca were using the coca leaves in rituals, as natural remedies and to calm hunger and fatigue. The coca leaves became a currency in the period of mining and then a illegal trading part in the cocaine industry.

La Paz gave us a great welcome in Bolivia and we are very glad we spent some time there.

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