Peru part 3.


After spending some time in Huaraz it was time to head south. We were going to meet Torben and Amber the 15th February in Cusco! 

So we decided to go to Huacachina, this Mars-looking place where a small touristy oasis makes a perfect place to chill in the middle of the desert. 

First we took a 8 hours night bus from Huaraz, then a 5 hours to Ica then a 30 minutes taxi/mototaxi to Huacachina. 

If you get to Ica and you think “let’s take a day here” don’t stay there. Crowded and filled with hot roads and people, menu for tourists with 50 soles (badly made) ceviche – ok they scammed us for that! So…just go to Huacachina directly and enjoy life! 

If you have to spend time in Ica waiting for your bus then go to Lora Cafe, best coffee ever and great cakes! 

Best activities (if you are not a tour-type) Looking at the sunset from the dunes, run down the dunes and enjoy the quiet of the oasis during the day drinking lemonade from one of the bars-restaurants around there.
We stayed at the Desert Nights hostel, pretty relaxed atmosphere and a great terrace and kitchen where to cook and avoid the hottest hours of the day (11-15). Really recommended, they have also sandboarding-sandskiing equipment and they can organize a tour for you in 3-2-1. 

We tried the sand boarding/ sand buggy tour of 2.5 hours and we had loads of fun with the people on the tour with us. Ok…needs to be said it’s a pretty cheesy activity (watch the dunes, watch the sunset, go down on the sand board, the drivers are crazy…) but we really enjoyed our afternoon! 

Big plus for Huacachina the pizza of the Wild Olive trattoria! 

Ps. There is no filter/photoshop/modification in any picture…all the colors are the real colors also the very pink ones! 

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