Perù part 2.

Lima | Huaraz | Laguna 69 | 

After more than two months traveling by bus and boats it was time to get a flight. The road between Pucallpa and Huánuco was blocked by a sliding mountain and we couldn’t wait more.

Lima appeared as a giant monster after seen nature and small villages around us for a while. We resisted only one night and we stayed in the most residential area: Miraflores. Full of nice cafes and old people walking around.

The morning after we decided to catch a bus to Huaraz, 8 hours of drive from sea level up to 3300 mt and the cordilleras. The drive goes through impressive changing landscapes and it stops for lunch in a friendly place in the middle of nowhere.

In Huaraz we spent the first night in the busy and noisy Campo Base Hostal. Great if you plan on partying and getting to know people but not so great since Lasse was feeling sick and the altitude sickness was kicking in. 

The day after we decided to move to La Cabaña, great guesthouse lead by the amazing signora Flor. This energetic woman helped us a lot with: finding a hospital, getting better and have somebody nice to talk with around. Her guesthouse is a place where time goes fast and you would like to spend one more day! 

During our altitude sick-time (both of us felt it) the town of Huaraz was having a blast with the carnival. Parades of dancing women with traditional dresses and local bands playing were filling up the streets of the small city center. People was having fun and partying a lot. 

After recovering we decided to take a little tour of a nice brewery based in Huaraz: Sierra Andina. Where Mario explained us everything about their beers made at 3500 mt in the mountains! Mario is the master brewer, from Chile but with a German education about beers. These incredible beers are made with very high quality ingredients collected both locally and internationally to Huaraz. We tried all of them during our stay in Huaraz, mostly found at the Cafè Andino

The Cafè Andino has also a great tea that can help with altitude sickness: Shaka Shaka. A mix of mate de coca, camomille and mountain herbs.

During our stay we also met Line, a friend from Copenhagen living now in Huaraz. We spent a great time with her hiking up to the amazing Laguna 69 at 4600 mt.

 Most important we talked a lot about the dangerous lagoon near Huaraz and how a local man made a law suit against a German mining company working in Huaraz. This company is accused to have caused substantial damage to the environment and accelerating the process of climate changing in the lagoon. This lagoon can cause a dangerous flooding in the city and destruction of most of the houses. If you want to look further into it here is the link

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