Colombia part 3. 

Medellin | Manizales

Third and last post about Colombia. The last part of our trip in Colombia has been more relaxed and we had indeed a more safe feeling about Medellin and Manizales. 

Even though Medellin is a huge city where many neighborhoods are still “dangerous” we went walking around a lot and we hadn’t occurred in any trouble. 

We stayed in the Laureles barrio, booked a very cool room in Airbnb from Hugo. The place was really chilled and near restaurants, bar and supermarket. 

One place it is absolutely standing out from the crowd is Café Cliche where they also have some very good artisanal beers from South America. We tried one from Argentina, blonde but 7.5% of flavor and taste.  

During our stay in Medellin we decided to take a free tour of Comuna 13, once the most dangerous place in Medellin now the safest neighborhood of Colombia (the least number of murders and crimes in Colombia in 2016). All the pictures of murales are street art from this neighborhood and they are a representation of the history of this place, the fight against the drugs lords, the violence and the illegal business. 

After Medellin, we decided to try the famous thermales of Manizales. A smaller city in the mountains with a great cable car system and some great thermal pools. We needed some rest and to chill before crossing the border and going to Ecuador.

Our Colombian adventure ends now. Soon there will be a most about Ecuador and the crazy trekking of Quilotoa Loop that we have just finished. 

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