Colombia – part. 2 

Tayrona National Park | Santa Marta | Taganga| Minca 

The first week of our trip we went to the Parque Tayrona hoping to find a less loud and more natural environment where to camp.

Unfortunately it was not the best moment of the year to do that. Rain season and a natural park in the middle of the jungle don’t get along very well!! 

We arrived at the entrance of the park quite late in the afternoon, around 5 pm, and we got suggested to book a spot for our hammock at the first “camping spot” on the way. 

The place was stunning and chilled but also pretty expensive if you think you’re camping. Plus I got my sleeping back stolen from the locker’s room ( still trying to understand who uses a sleeping bag great for the mountains with 35 degrees outside!) 

The morning after we went for a 2 hours hiking in the jungle to get to Piscina ( a nice beach, less crowded than Cabo San Juan) and since the night before had been raining a lot all our way was a big muddy trail. 

After the two nights at Tayrona Park we decided to move to Santa Marta and we found a great place to sleep: El Patio De Tommy. A cultural center and place for artists that are trying to bring the kids of the neighborhood in contact with some graffiti art, circus performances and dance classes. 

Santa Marta has been one of the highlights during our traveling. We met great people and the whole city is filled with street art, graffiti and very nice cafes. Plus: it’s the first colonial town that have been built in South America by the Spanish conquerors.

If you want to go for a swim Santa Marta’s beach is a little too crowded and not the most beautiful one. The local suggested to us to go to Taganga to chill and swim in this small fisherman village 15 minutes from Santa Marta. We did but, as suggested, we brought with us only money for the bus and for beers. No phones and no valuables. Taganga is the beach of the tangas but also a very easy place to get robbed (apparently).

During our stay in Santa Marta we decided to take one-day trip to Minca, one of the coffee places in Colombia. A small village in the mountains near the Sierra Nevada where it’s possible hike, try really good and cheap coffee at the haciendas. We tried La Victoria, near by there is also an artisanal brewery called Nevada Cerveceria).

Small note: Colombia is one of the biggest exporter of coffee in the world. They export mostly a coffee called “second quality” and they use to drink the “first quality” in the country. The second quality is a bit more bitter while the first quality is sweeter. Both of them have the same price but apparently in Europe we prefer the bitter one. 

Ps. If you get to Minca and you still want to be in one piece, don’t try to get the moto-taxi…those guys don’t care about life!


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