Colombia – part 1. The Caribbean Sea 

Cartagena | Isla Baru

Arrived in Cartagena the heat was meant to melt us. Cartagena is a typical city that came up from the Spanish colonialism. Beautiful balconies full of flowers, little colorful houses, people chilling in the squares and music all over the place.

We didn’t like it at first sight, too much touristic. But after spending there some more days I can say that I appreciate the authenticity of the area where we were sleeping – Getsemani- ex redlight district nowadays the place to sleep and hang around if you are a backpacker or a street artist. 

While in the old town everything looks like it was built many years ago and never changed, with the old walls around the heart of the city protecting Cartagena from the pirates. 

On the other side Getsemani is a Barrio full of Graffiti, streetfood stands and people talking all the time with you(in Spanish of course!). There are many restaurants, cafes, bakeries, tiendas ( small grocery shops) and also a good supermarket open until 8 pm. 

During our stay in Cartagena we finally met Simone, a good friend of us that is travelling since May 2017! It was absolutely the best time we spent so far and we stayed at Casa Eugenia, a very nice hostel/guesthouse with outdoor Patio and kitchen. 

Spending on-off 8 days in Cartagena we also had the opportunity to visit Isla Baru and Playa Blanca. One of the most touristic places during the day but an absolute desert beach after 4 pm! Stunning nature and ocean were the characteristics of the place.


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