First stop: Florida, USA

On November 18th, due date for our trip, we flew from Denmark to Fort Lauderdale. The next 10 days were meant to be an immersive experience into the American way of living. 

Lasse’s father and his wife, Torben and Amber, have been our guides during these 10 days in Florida. Nobody would have been more suitable for this role! 

We visited the Kennedy space center of NASA and we went around looking for alligators, taking breaks at really typical diner places. During the week we spent four days at Amber’s parents house, in the countryside, enjoying the days of Thanksgiving with them. And on the 21st November night we celebrated the birthday of Torben at the beautiful Solomon’s Castle and The Boat on the Moat. A place full of beautiful art pieces made out of recycled materials. 

While we were in the country side we had the opportunity to visit a small and nice vineyard and winery called Bunker Hill vineyard that makes unfiltered wine from muscadine grapes, a grape wine native to the southeastern and south-central United States. The Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery makes also very good jams and fruit wines. 

Back to Fort Lauderdale we had few days left. Saturday night we decided to go to Heart Nightclub in Miami downtown. Unfortunately coming back home we got in a car accident but both us and the guy that caused the accident are fine, luckily! 
Now we are in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. And we will try to keep the blog updated as much as WiFi allows us! 


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