The (un)lucky trip

Here we go!

Some updates are coming from Lasse’s walking trip from Germany to Italy.

When I first met Lasse last year he was planning a 2 weeks walking path in Sweden through the forest in the north of Sweden, it was only him, a trolley and his hammock. After coming back he has always talked about that moment as one of the most free of his life and a turning point where he realised many important things about how he want to live his life.

Since that walking trip has changed him so much he started many months ago to talk about another walking trip, more advanced and way more challenging than the first one: almost 2000 km of walking from Germany to Italy with an hammock, a Biolite and few other things.

The idea was the following one: Copenhagen – Rostock with a bus and a ferry and then straight down to Italy, walking through small villages and the Alps. Camping in national parks, forests or where it was possible to find a shelter.

A friend of him, Kasper, decided to walk with him.

Unfortunately after only 500 km Lasse got an inflamation in his ankle that got him stuck for at least one week. Because of that the guys decided to rent a car and try to get the best out of the trip, heading to Munich for the beginning of the OctoberFest and to Italy, where I was visiting my family.

Even though they couldn’t walk all the way they have been visiting quite some places, here a list of them: Rostock, Berlin, Hanz, Leipzig, Güstow, Müritz National Park…
Down here you’ll find all the pictures they have been taken during the trip!
Hope you’ll enjoy!


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