Sensun Festival

First stop!

Is there any better way to spend a summer-weekend in Denmark than going to a festival in the nature?

Thursday afternoon, after having lunch at Tivoli, we take the train to Køge. 40 minutes after we are on the local train to Rødvig with our backpacks, the landscape outside gets more and more quite, few houses and many golden fields are scrolling outside of the train .

The festival is a combination of people, colors and music that is difficult to find in another place, everything looks meant to be there for a shooting of some kind of New Age movie. The guys at the entrance are really welcoming and there is a nice tent where they make food and sell coffee.

The festival is divided in 3 stages: chill out area with cafè, outside stage with a great psychedelic stage design and the huge Tipi Tent that is part of the old limestone mine. The music changes from chill out to techno and a lot of psytrance.

The experience of being in the nature with so many different people makes the festival a place for experimenting, meeting people and discussing about new ways of living life, more nomad and less conventional.

The location is the perfect playground not only for a festival but also for somebody that wants to experience some nature in Denmark and be in front of the open sea. Stevns Klint and all the walking paths around are a great turistic point. The cliff is under the UNESCO heritage and it’s a place where many scientists found fossils and traces of the dinosaurs.

Rødvig, Boesdal Kalkbruin and Stevns Klint are a good daily tour and a relaxing spot for who’s in Copenhagen or wants to travel around Denmark.

More info about Stevnsklint and Sensun Festival

Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!


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